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Description of a project of European and international scope

Technical Description

P-PHES VELILLA is located in the province of Palencia, Spain. It is a reversible hydro storage power plant with an installed capacity of 143.81 MW (2 groups of 71.91 MW each) in generation mode and 144.4 MW in pumping mode. The maximum daily gross stored energy that can be obtained is 839 MWh.

The project comprises the construction of two reservoirs with a volume of 1.015 hm3 each (upper and lower). The water flows handled by the facility are 47 m3/s in generation mode and 34 m3/s in pumping mode. The static head is 363.9 m. According to the plant design, the round cycle efficiency reaches 77.8%.

The purpose of the project is, on the one hand, hydroelectric use of water from the drainage of acidic water from two nearby mines (currently closed) and on the other hand, the purification of such water, taking advantage of the physical phenomena that occur in the P-PHES, being its subsequent discharge into the usual watercourse in accepted quality conditions, in accordance with current regulations.

General characteristics of the installation:

  • Water intake: at Majadillas and Valdelabarcena wells
  • Pretreatment facilities: neutralization, aeration and oxidation, flocculation and decantation
  • Upper and lower tanks: 1,015 Hm3 capacity each

Cavern power plant with the following characteristics:

  • Maximum power (turbination / pumping): 143.81 MW / 144.40 MW
  • Design water flow rates (turbination / pumping): 47 m3/s / 34 m3/s
  • Gross head: 363.9 m
  • Turbines: 2 Francis reversible turbine / pump units

Underground facilities

The vast majority of P-PHES VELILLA facilities are excavated in the ground and buries installations.

The maximum annual production of P-PHES VELILLA is estimated at 306,235 MWh/year, which will reduce CO2 emissions from fossil fuels by approximately 62,471 tons of CO2 per year of operation.

The concept and design used in the P-PHES, as in the case of VELILLA, is included in a Spanish patent, which has already been processed at European and international level.

The average water flow discharged by both mines and managed by the water treatment plant is approximately 3,500 m3/day.

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